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VPI Immingham launches Stage 2 OCGT project consultation

VPI Immingham B Ltd (‘VPIB’) (VPI Immingham) is carrying out further consultation on its proposals to build a new Open Cycle Gas Turbine power station at its site along Rosper Road to the north of Immingham.

The project would have a generating capacity of up to 299 megawatts of electricity, using natural gas which would be sourced from the existing gas connection at VPI Immingham’s existing plant.

VPI Immingham has already undertaken a first round of non-statutory consultation (Stage 1 Consultation) on the project from 6 July to 6 August 2018. The second round of statutory consultation (Stage 2 Consultation) on the project will be carried out during October and November 2018. This Stage 2 Statutory Consultation provides further information on the project, including the preferred proposals, preliminary environmental information and indicative arrangements for construction.

Marvin Seaman, Project Director for VPIB said: “Local feedback is very important to us and we are grateful to those who have taken the time and trouble to give us their comments.  We have worked hard to address any concerns raised in our revised proposal. We welcome further feedback during the current consultation period”.

Public exhibitions are due to be held at the County Hotel in Immingham on 3 November 2018 and South Killingholme Community Centre on 5th November 2018. During these sessions, the local community will have the opportunity to find out more about the proposed project. As part of the consultation, members of the public will be able to talk with the project team and comment on the proposals, which will then feed into the plans and designs.

Further information on the Stage 2 consultation and the proposals can be found at

Notes to Editors

The new Open Cycle Gas Turbine power station will be built by VPI Immingham B, a wholly owned subsidiary of VPI Holding Ltd, which owns and operates the VPI Immingham Combined Heat and Power (‘CHP’) Plant immediately to the south of the site.

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